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Meet Kelsey

Kelsey Kirkwood Cheerleader

Hardworking, Committed, Team Player, and Coachable.

I started cheering at the age of 4, and since then, I've been passionate about this sport and team unity. I’m fortunate to have helped my teams win championships across many states at the highest level of competition. I’ve enjoyed being on a competitive trampoline and power tumbling gymnastic team, competing at a level 6. I believe the experience of competitive cheer, power tumbling, and now cheering for my top-ranked varsity school team is an excellent display of my player-persona. I’m a hard worker and easily taught! My number one goal is to continue to develop as a player in challenging situations and continuously adapt and improve technicality and tactically.

Off the mat, I am actively involved in school. I participate in the leadership academy program and volunteer in organizations around my community when time allows. Academically, I'm interested in becoming a registered nurse while specializing in Neonatal Care.
I’m a super compassionate girl who takes pride in practice. I love to travel the world, journal, and spend time with my friends and family in my downtime. I have a little sister who looks up to me, and she loves the sports of cheer. A great deal of my time goes to coaching her.
My parents are very supportive of my love for this sport. I wouldn't be the player I am today without the support of my family, coaches, and teammates.

My Vision

"Win, lose or draw, I live in the moment and take on every day with discipline, passion, and the courage to push myself to unknown limits. Champion, leader, all-star; there are many titles I am striving for as an athlete. But, the most important one will always be Team Player."

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